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KQG120Y mining equipment

Detailed Product Description

KQG120Y mining equipment , it can save up to 40-50% energy (fuel oil or electric energy).


KQG120Y mining equipment .  high air-pressure down-the-hole drill uses a diesel engine (or electric motor) to drive the hydraulic oil pump to provide power for the moving, turning, propelling and lifting of the hydraulic motor of the drill as well as swing angle positioning. When it works, only the down-the-hole hammer consumes the compressed air. Compared to full air-operated drills, it can save up to 40-50% energy (fuel oil or electric energy). It is mainly used in drilling work, for example, surface mining, hydroelectric engineering, road construction and rock excavation.
Specification table for KQG120Y high air-pressure down-the-hole drill


Performance parameters:
Borehole diameter:                                                90-140mm
Borehole depth:                                                    40m
Working air pressure:                                            1.05-2.4Mpa
Air consumption:                                                   11.3-14m3/min
Maximum horizontal rock drilling height:                   3.1m
Maximum angle of inclination of sliding guide:          180°
Maximum swing angle of sliding guide:                    35° right and 50° left
Maximum horizontal swing angle of drill arm:           45° both left and right
Pitch angle of drill arm:                                          48° horizontally upright

                                                                           19° horizontally downward
Lifting force:                                                          15,000N
Turn-around machine speed:                                   0-80r/min
Moving speed:                                                       0-2.5km/h

Drive braking, wet dual discs, hydraulic oil release and spring application
Climbing ability:                                                      26°
Overall dimension (length×width×height):                6,000mm×2,260mm×2,220mm
Weight:                                                                  5.5t
Dust removal:                                wet (dry dust removal is also optional)



KQG120Y  mining equipment KQG120Y mining equipment

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